An Open Letter to the Federal Employees of America

By:  Sen. Brian Schatz

Dear Federal Employees of America:

The end of 2016 is rapidly approaching. As you prepare to take time off to go home for the holidays and spend time with your families, many of you may be concerned about what lies ahead. You may be struggling with professional decisions like whether you should retire early or leave the public sector. So there is something I want to say to all federal workers: Your contributions are essential to our nation, and I’ve got your back.

We’ve all been hearing statements by politicians in the halls of Congress, in the news, and even on Twitter threatening to gut the federal workforce, cut earned benefits, reduce paychecks, make it easier to fire people at will, and other destructive and misguided actions. To you, as federal employees, these statements must be particularly hurtful. But I want to assure all federal workers that you’ve got allies in Congress and around the country ready to fight for you.

Eighty-five per cent of federal workers live and work outside of the D.C. area. You live and work in small towns, in urban centers, and around the country. You protect our borders, maintain our parks, and care for our veterans. The federal workforce represents the diversity of our country. You do crucial work for our government and for the American people.

In many places, the federal government is the main employer—and those jobs are vital to the local economy. The next administration should understand the importance of federal workers. Our federal workforce must not be used for purposes of partisan rhetoric and political games.

I want to let all federal workers know that we will continue to work in the Senate to fight efforts to undermine you and the work that you do. Our laws that protect workers have not changed and neither has our obligation to you. We will look for opportunities to improve the federal workplace and strengthen the federal workforce. So keep up the great work across America. 

Thank you for all that you do for our country. I wish you all a happy holiday season and the best in the new year.


Brian Schatz

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