Hawai‘i’s unique location and geography mean that safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation by land, air, and sea are all central to our economy and security. Senator Schatz is dedicated to ensuring that Hawai‘i has federal support to build and maintain the transportation infrastructure we need to grow Hawai‘i’s economy and connect our communities.

Senator Schatz is an advocate in the U.S. Senate for Hawai‘i’s critical transportation needs.  As a member of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety, and Security, one of his top priorities has been to guarantee full federal funding for Honolulu rail transit.  He has worked with the Secretary of Transportation, Federal Transit Administrator, and the Senate Appropriations Committee to secure commitments that Honolulu rail will have the federal funds promised in order to provide the people of Hawai‘i with more transportation options, stimulate our economy, and protect the environment.  Electrically-powered rail transit will not only ease traffic congestion in Honolulu, but it will also advance Hawai‘i’s goal of 70 percent clean energy output by 2030.

As an island state, reliable air travel is especially critical for Hawai‘i residents, visitors, and business travelers.  Senator Schatz is dedicated to ensuring that Hawai‘i airports get the federal support they need to improve safety and efficiency.  Brian knows how important inter-island travel is for Hawai‘i residents, and worked to expand the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck Program to neighbor island airports.  He helped establish expedited airport security screenings for travelers in Kahului, Lihu‘e, and Kona, easing travel for tourists and residents.

Hawai‘i’s economy also depends on seaborne trade, with more than 80 percent of commodity goods shipped to Hawai‘i in container ships.  Senator Schatz is committed to protecting Hawai‘i’s harbors and ports, to ensure the timely delivery of commercial goods to Hawai‘i’s families and businesses.  Senator Schatz also understands the importance of the U.S. Merchant Marine fleet and proudly supports federal programs that promote a competitive American shipbuilding industry and merchant marine fleet.

Senator Schatz is dedicated to keeping our seas, skies, and roads safe for all users.  Working with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Senator Schatz is promoting road and airport runway improvements as well as airplane navigation system upgrades to keep all travelers in Hawaii safe. Brian secured $2.8 million in federal funding for programs to combat drunk driving, improve safety information systems, and implement programs to reduce highway fatalities.

A strong transportation network is necessary to move Hawai‘i forward.  Senator Schatz will continue to support investments in Hawai‘i’s highways, harbors, airports, and transit systems.