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Climate change is a pressing economic and national security crisis that especially threatens Hawai‘i.

In the Senate, Senator Schatz is leading efforts to address this planetary emergency and build a clean energy future.

In March 2019, Senator Schatz was selected to chair the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee on the Climate Crisis. In this role, he led ten senators tasked with investigating, holding hearings, and issuing findings on the consequences of climate change. The committee’s goal was to underscore the broad impacts of inaction on climate change and find solutions, with a focus on ensuring that every worker, industry, and community across the country benefits from the transition to a clean energy economy. The committee also provided oversight of the corporate interests that support climate denial and block climate action.

The committee released its final report in August 2020 — providing a framework for the Senate Democrats’ work to build the clean energy future we all deserve. With Democrats in majority, Senator Schatz is leading the fight to turn the committee’s work into federal law.