Fisheries and Aquaculture

This page will be updated continuously to reflect the most recent information on the coronavirus. This page was last updated on May 13, 2020.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Assistance

A total of $300 million will be available from NOAA for COVID-19 impacts to commercial, charter, and subsistence fisheries, as well as aquaculture, processors, and fishery-related businesses.  NOAA announced that Hawai‘i would receive $4,337,445 of the total, based on a formula that considered total annual revenue information from the commercial fishing, charter fishing, aquaculture, and processor/seafood sectors. 

Now that NOAA has determined Hawai‘i’s share, the state government will develop a spend plan that address COVID-related losses for fishers and fishing-related industries.  For purposes of the CARES Act, “fishers and fishing-related industries” means:

  • commercial fishing businesses,
  • charter/for-hire fishing businesses,
  • qualified aquaculture operations,
  • processors, and
  • dealers. 

More information on is available on the NOAA website.


Small Business Administration (SBA) Assistance

Fishing companies and other companies that qualify as small businesses under SBA regulations are also eligible to apply for the SBA paycheck protection loan program.  Factsheets about the SBA’s paycheck protection loans and other SBA programs are available on Senator Schatz’s website

Caution: Companies may not receive payments from both of these NOAA and SBA programs for the same COVID-19 impact.  Companies should determine which program is better for their needs.


Unemployment Insurance

In addition, employees may be eligible for the expanded Unemployment Insurance coverage created under the CARES Act.  More information on expanded Unemployment Insurance is available on Senator Schatz’s website.