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FEMA Sending Maui $1.3M To Repair Road Damaged By Mudslides

The road was hit by a deluge of rainfall in March 2021.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is sending Maui almost $1.3 million to repair Awalau Road in Haiku, which was damaged last year by mudslides.

The money will be used to repave and replace guardrails on Awalau Road, as well as create better drainage so that water can cross the road without damaging it again during future floods, according to a news release Friday from Sen. Brian Schatz.

The road was initially damaged in March 2021, when a massive amount of rainfall flooded the Kaupakalua Dam and wreaked havoc on several homes in Haiku.

“This new federal funding will repair Awalau Road from the damage it suffered in last year’s mudslides and make the road more resilient to flooding, helping families on Maui to safely and easily get around,” Schatz said in the release.