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US Sen. Schatz calls for more federal support for Maui in speech on Senate floor

HONOLULU (KITV4) – On the floor of the US Senate Tuesday, Hawaii U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz discussed the need for more federal support after the Maui fire disaster.

Schatz delivered a speech discussing the recent tragic events that occurred on Maui and the many lives that were negatively impacted because of it. He spoke about the various efforts of organizations, government officials, first responders, and everyday people who gave a helping hand at a time where the devastation was all around them.

Along with his speech, Schatz provided visuals that depicted the chaos and panic of the community on Maui during the fires. As well as pictures of volunteers who sprang into action to help those in need.

“The reality is that everyone in Lahaina needs and deserves help. People of every age and background have been devastated by these fires and their needs are so enormous they simply cannot do it alone. So it’s our responsibility, here in congress to provide relief in any way that we can for as long as people need it,” Schatz said in his speech.

Schatz mentioned that he and his staff are in daily communication with the Hawaii Congressional Delegation, state and local officials, senior administration officials, and various federal agencies who are fully supporting the Maui community and their journey to recovery.

“While the full extent of the damages are still being assessed, we know that the federal share of costs for recovery will be in the billions of dollars,” Schatz stated.

He explained the many resources still needed in order to rebuild, such as new roads, clinical facilities for people to receive proper health services, schools, among other necessities.

Schatz expressed that there will be a lot to come in the road to recovery for Maui and they’ll be able to make it through it with the help from everyone in Hawaii, in Congress, and across the country.