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Schatz's bill on education of Japanese American internment, site preservation signed into law

A new law signed by President Joe Biden and co-authored Hawaii US Sen. Brian Schatz puts money into preservation efforts of Japanese internment camps across the US.

The Norman Y. Mineta Japanese American Confinement Education Act re-establishes funding to the Japanese American Confinement Sites Program (JACS) to promote education and awareness of one of the darkest periods for Japanese American citizens in history.

One of those sites that will receive more money for conservation include the Hono'uli'uli internment camp in Hawaii.

“The internment of Japanese American citizens remains one of the darkest and most shameful periods in our history. The stories of so many who unjustly lost their freedom, lost property, and were forcibly uprooted from their homes should be a constant reminder of our duty to uphold the rights of every American. Our new law will ensure that we continue to preserve internment sites and create a new grant program to educate more people about Japanese American confinement,” Schatz said in a press release.

The bill will also create a new $10 million competitive grant program to educate individuals on the historical importance of Japanese American confinement during World War II.

Schatz is one of two lawmakers that will re-approve the money.