As Global Threat Of Coronavirus Grows, Schatz Introduces Bill To Help Quickly Fund Efforts To Respond To Public Health Emergencies

Schatz Legislation Creates Immediate Emergency Funding

WASHINGTON— U.S. Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawai‘i) reintroduced the Public Health Emergency Response and Accountability Act (S. 3309). The bipartisan legislation will create a permanent funding mechanism to ensure quick and effective responses to future public health emergencies.


“The coronavirus outbreak – and the inadequate response from the Trump Administration – make clear: we need funding immediately available to respond to public health emergencies,” said Senator Schatz. “This legislation is critical to saving lives and will allow us to tackle new threats in a more efficient and timely way.”


Right now, during public health emergencies, health officials must wait for Congress to grant permission to shift existing appropriated funds or allocate new funds to respond. These delays unnecessarily hamper critical response efforts. The Public Health Emergency Response and Accountability Act will immediately give federal agencies the resources they need to stop the spread of infectious diseases and protect the public.