Senator Schatz Discusses Impact of Sequestration and Plan to Avoid Devastating Cuts

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HONOLULU- Senator Brian Schatz discusses how the sequester will hurt middle-class families and why Democrats have proposed a balanced approach that increases revenues and makes reductions in domestic spending and defense spending. While in Hawai‘i, Schatz is meeting with a wide variety of agencies, including the Department of Defense, the Governor and other State Administration officials, to discuss the potential impacts of sequestration.

"Sequestration was designed not to take effect but to compel Congress, Republicans and Democrats, to take a balanced approach when addressing the deficit. That means reasonable reductions to domestic spending and defense spending, as well as necessary revenue increases," said Senator Schatz. "It is critical that we further our economic recovery by taking action that is in the best interest of American families and national security. There may not be much time, but there is enough time for Congress to work this out."

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