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$30 Million Navy Investment will Accelerate Hawai‘i-Based Energy Startup Program

Honolulu, HI –Today, the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research announced that it will invest $30 million in Hawaii-based Energy Excelerator, an energy startup program that aims to help companies bring innovative energy solutions to the marketplace, thereby expanding upon the clean energy economy in Hawai‘i and the Asia-Pacific.

“This shows that the Department of the Navy is serious about clean energy, because they understand that energy security is in our national interest,” said Senator Brian Schatz. “The Navy’s commitment more than triples the funding that Energy Excelerator has received in the last three years, and will allow this program to continue to bring renewable energy technologies and advanced energy systems to the marketplace. Hawai‘i continues to lead in clean energy technology and implementation, and the Navy’s investment will pay dividends to our state, our economy, and our national security.”