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November 2013
Typhoon Yolanda – How to Help the Survivors Resource Center
Schatz Statement on Devastation in the Philippines
Schatz Statement on Veterans Day
Schatz Hails Passage of Marriage Equality Bill in Hawai‘i
Schatz Votes for Final Passage of Bill to Expand Federal Equal Rights Protections for LGBT Community
Schatz, Alexander, Coats Introduce Bill That Reduces Energy Use, Saves Taxpayer Dollars
Schatz Votes to Expand Federal Equal Rights Protections to LGBT Individuals, End Workplace Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
October 2013
Schatz Highlights After-School Programs For Hawai‘i Students with Schwarzenneger, Leader Reid
Schatz Introduces Bills to Create Jobs and Grow Hawai‘i’s Economy
Schatz Votes for Deal to Reopen Government, Prevent Default
Schatz Calls Out Supposed Conservatives for Hurting Economy, Middle- Class Families
Schatz: “House Republicans’ Supposed Compromise Is Not A Compromise At All”
Furloughed Pearl Harbor Shipyard Employees to Return to Work
Statement from the Office of Senator Brian Schatz on Government Shutdown Protocol
Schatz Statement on Government Shutdown
Schatz Statement on House Republicans Attempting “Piecemeal” Approach to Funding the Government
September 2013
Schatz to Co-Sponsor Bill to Expand Energy Storage, Increase Clean Energy in Hawai‘i
Schatz Announces Over $1.5 Million for Native Hawaiian Programs
Schatz Votes to Keep Government from Shutting Down
Domestic Violence Action Center to Receive Grant to Combat Native Hawaiian Domestic Violence
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